Romix has a team of qualified individuals that will help you to implement projects, large or small, professionally.

Laboratory Tests

Before a project commences, soil samples will be collected from the site and a number of laboratory tests will be performed :-

A full laboratory report is issued indicating :

Road Design

Based on the type of materials available and the expected traffic loadings, Romix will design the pavement layers and type of wearing course seals for your road.


Romix offers classroom training in the application methods of our products. Students that complete the course successfully will receive certification.

Romix also offers on-site supervision and skills transfer to our customers. Machine Operators are trained in the application methods:

Strength Testing after Construction

On request Romix will test the Bearing Strength of your road before and after construction by using the Dynamic Cone Penetrometer method. This test method will indicate the following :

Telephonic Hotline

Romix Professionals is available by phone 24/7 to assist your field staff. Help is just a phone call away