Romix Industries

ROMIX Industries is a world leader in Polymer Technology for Road Construction. ROMIX was the first Company in the world to produce a Polymer Based Soil Stabilizer as a “Mix-In” solution.

The Company's Flagship Product – Soil Fix SRB-5 was launched in 1998 after extensive research and development. The patented core polymers used in Soil Fix SRB-5 are exclusively made for Romix by a World Class Polymer Producer. Research and development of the Core Polymer commenced in the ‘80's and new technology is continually incorporated in this State-of-the-art product.

Today, after almost two decades in the Industry, ROMIX Products enable Governments and Industry to deliver much needed Road Infrastructure at great speed, and at a fraction of the costs associated with Traditional Road Construction Methods.

The ROMIX Range of Polymer based road construction products allow our Customers to BUILD BETTER ROADS more efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively.


Currently, Romix Industries is widely represented in all four Continents via a network of Distributors.