About Us At Romix

Romix Industries was formed in 1981. Initially, the Company did ground-breaking research into the use of Polymers to produce an extensive range of water-based Polymer Products:

In 1995, with the passing of the Founder of the Company, Michael du Plessis, the new Romix Industries was born. Under the leadership of Pieter Prinsloo, the Company changed direction and research began on a new range of Polymer Products – A range of Products aimed at the Road, Transport and Construction Industries.

The first Product designed was a Water-based, Polymer based Soil Stabilizer – SoilFix. This was the first product of its kind to be introduced to the market dominated by Traditional Stabilizers such as cement and lime. Thorough research was undertaken and the product was tested by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research – CSIR of South Africa.

The initial laboratory research by the CSIR confirmed that this new innovation could change the nature and efficiency of Road Construction in the future and continued research was proposed.

Since 1996, several new innovative products was born from the Research Stable of Romix Industries

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